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New Points Formula

posted Jan 9, 2010, 9:14 AM by Clay Gump
For those of you geeky enough to care I've tweaked the points formula somewhat. Why? Because I can. :)
  • I've changed the multiplier for 1st place from 2 to 1.5. So instead of first place getting TWICE the points they get 1.5 times the points. 
  • The bottom 50% of players get 1/2 what 10th place gets. 
Here is a real world example. The Jan Tourney had 36 players. 
  • First place = Number of Players * 10 * 1.5 = 540 points. (old system would have been 720 pts) 
  • 2nd thru 9th place = Num Players - Rank * 10. NO CHANGE HERE. 2nd = 350 3rd = 340 4th = 330 etc 9th = 280. 
  • 10th to the top 50% of finishers get 1/2 of the 9th place finish. 10th to 18th all get 140pts
  • If you finish in the bottom half of players you get 1/2 of what the top  50% non-final table gets. 19th to 36th = 70pts 
So the #1 player doesn't get such a huge surge of points but still gets a nice 50% bonus. 
Even if you don't make it to the final table those who at least make it to the top half of finishers will do ok. 
Those of you who are bottom feeders will still get points but not as much as before.