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Chris and Ernie call it a Night

posted Dec 6, 2008, 9:51 AM by Admin Account   [ updated Dec 6, 2008, 10:02 AM ]
In the worlds shortest heads up match Chris and Ernie split the prize money and Chris took the points for first place. It was late and the boys were tired. 
See the Lucky Crackers page and click the link for full results. 

However the suckout award of the night goes to me, yours truly. Poor DJ had (JJ) in the hole and made the mistake of catching a full house (Jacks over 4s) on the turn with a J 7 4 4 board. I had A4 in the hole. DJ pushed all-in Jim Waterman called and I (like a true donkey) pushed all in over the top with my trips. This means there is only 1 card in the deck that beats DJ and you know whats coming. Of course the 4 hits on the river to give me quads and I suck out and took down a huge cash pot. For those of you interested in the math I had 0.11% chance to win on the flop and 2% on the turn of winning.