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A new way to Gamble away the college fund. The Crackpot Jackpot!

posted Jun 2, 2010, 11:43 AM by Clay Gump
Join myself and a few other degenerate action junkies and play in the Crackpot Jackpot.
It is real simple.
  • Write your name on a $20 dollar bill.
  • All the $20s go in a envelope with all the names on it and is sealed up and locked it away.
  • Once somebody on that list of names wins the tourney they get the Jackpot. What they do with the envelope is up to them. 
  • The Jackpot will stay locked up and sealed until somebody wins it.
  • You do not have to keep adding $20 every month. Once you've joined in that is it.
  • A few simple ground rules.
    • Once the envelope is sealed nobody else can join in.
    • All players on the list do not have to be present to win.
    • A tourney must have 25 or more players to count as a jackpot tourney.
    • No side bounties are allowed. In other words you can't tell folks "I'll give anyone who knocks out Gary $5"
    • No collusion allowed. In other words you can't have a player throw the match just so you can win the jackpot and then split it with them. (That will get you in big trouble at a real tourney)
Sounds like lots of fun don't it? For those in the Jackpot there could possibly be a sweet payout for taking down the tourney.

You can add a additional Crackpot Jackpot anytime you want. If you missed the original sign up in June and want to start another one later that is cool. You can join as many Jackpots as you want. They can also be for any amount that you want as log as everyone pays the same amount.Just follow the same rules as above. I will hold and lock up all the Jackpot Envelopes.